Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services Reviews
Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services Reviews

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services, offer server chassis hardware is directly sourced from their suppliers Supermicro and Dell. Individual components are selected based on strict reliability and performance metrics.

Hardware Replacement 24/7

Constant® Hosting maintains a large inventory of standby replacement parts, allowing us to quickly replace failing components on your solution.

Zero Downtime Migration

Constant® Hosting will migrate or expand your current setup to your new dedicated solution, with no end-user downtime on your existing web presence.

Custom Designed Solutions

Constant® Hosting works directly with a large supplier chain to deliver customized solutions to their customers. At the same time, they stock hundreds of different server components and can have many solutions online within 24 hours. If one of their available plans does not fit your requirements, contact their sales engineers to custom tailor the correct dedicated solution for your enterprise.

Dedicated Server Features.





Constant® Availability Deploy Servers Fast! 24×7 Hardware Replacement

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services

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Popular Dedicated Packages – online within hours!

Experience their streamlined installation and provisioning deploying your Windows, Linux, or BSD dedicated server in hours!

CPU Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
Intel E3-1220v3 3.1 Ghz 4 16GB 1TB SATA 10TB $69.95
Intel E3-1240v3 3.40 Ghz 4 16GB 120GB SSD 10TB $109.95
Intel i7-6700K 4.0Ghz 4 16GB 120GB SSD 10TB $129.95
Intel E3-1270v5 3.6Ghz 4 16GB 120GB SSD 10TB $129.95
Intel E5-1620v3 3.50 Ghz 4 32GB 120GB SSD 10TB $149.95
Intel E5-1650v2 3.50 Ghz 6 16GB 120GB SSD 10TB $179.95
2 x Intel E5-2620 2.0Ghz 12 32GB 120GB SSD 10TB $299.95
2 x Intel E5-2650 2.0Ghz 16 32GB 120GB SSD 10TB $499.95
2 x Intel E5-2670 2.5Ghz 16 32GB 120GB SSD 10TB $699.95


  • Need a customized server package?
    Even if you require custom solutions, their vendor partners supplement their inventory in a matter of days, not weeks. Learn More or Contact Us!
  • Month to Month Contracts – No Long Term Commitments!
  • Constant® Hosting plans come with simple month to month contracts and a 14 day cancellation policy.
  • View their Current Server Specials

Constant® Hosting’s Infrastructure Advantages

24×7 Customer Support Secure Data Center Facilities Premium Tier 1 Network

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting

Constant® Hosting offers multiple scalable cloud solutions to make expanding your online presence a simple and easy to manage process. Deploy new resources easily and have the peace of mind that your web presence is backed by their constantly monitored and redundant cloud technology.

Constant® Hosting Cloud Solutions:


  • Windowsor Linux servers
  • Online in minutes!
  • Scalable as needs grow
  • Behave like dedicated servers


  • Flexible scalability of resources
  • Increased website speed
  • Easy environment management
  • High redundancy and availability

Create a Custom Solution

Talk directly to their Sales Engineers and they can help you build a custom solution or walk you through which cloud products work best for your business model.

Fully Managed Hosting

Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services.

All of their managed hosting packages combine enterprise-grade hardware with their industry leading network facilities.

24 x 7 Fully-Managed Support

Their superior support team is highly experienced in managing and troubleshooting a large variety of server environments. Available around the clock, their tech support can deliver a wide array of technical services, including configuring and managing major software packages such as:

  • LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more!
  • Apache, Nginx, Lighthttpd, and LiteSpeed
  • Sendmail, Postfix, iRedMail, Zimbra and more
  • MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite, MSSQL and more
  • MenCoder, FFMPEG, RED5, Wowza, Adobe FMS and more
  • Learn more about their 24x7x365 Support!

Customized Hardware Packages

  • Their sales engineers can offer many tried and proven hardware packages to fit your business needs. However, you can also customize and replace any hardware component in your hosting package. Let their sales representative analyze your hosting needs and create a custom solution for you today!
  • Browse their dedicated server packages!

Premium Tier 1 Network

  • The network is designed from the ground up to deliver high throughput for today’s high traffic media sites while adding redundancy for superior reliability. they back their network with their 100% Uptime SLA and 0% Packetloss-FREE guarantees.
  • Learn more about the Constant® Hosting Network!

Add-on Hosting Services

They offer a wide array of services you can add on to your hosting solution as it becomes necessary.

  • Daily backup service
  • Load balancing & redundancy
  • IPv6 integration
  • cPanel licensing
  • Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services
Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services
Constant Hosting Web Hosting Services

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